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To play the song in the original key place capo on 1st fret and play in D major (the original key is E♭ major)

My Future - simple version

Billie Eilish

  • D7D7FmiHmiADDGGmiDGGmiEGGmi
    I can't seem to focus 
    And you don't seem to notice 
    I'm not here 
    I'm just amirror 
    Youcheck your complexion 
    Tofind your reflection's 
    All alone 
    I hadto go 
    Can't you hear me 
    I'm not comin' home 
    Do you understand 
  • D7D7DGGmiDGGmiD
    'Cause I 
    I'min love 
    With myfuture 
    Can't wait to meet her 
    And I 
    I'm in love 
    But not with anybody else 
    Just wanna get to know myself
  • D7D7HmiADGGmiDGGmiFmiEGGmiC7
    I know supposedly I'm lonely now 
    Know I'm supposed to be unhappy 
    Without someone 
    But aren't I someone 
    Like to be your 
    'Cause you're so handsome 
    But I know better 
    Than to drive you home 
    'Cause you'd invite me in 
    And I'd be yours again
  • D7D7DGGmiDGGmiD
    But I 
    I'min love 
    With myfuture 
    And you don't know her 
    And I 
    I'm in love 
    But not with anybody here 
    I'll see you in a couple years
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